Let me introduce myself, I am Ronald Greenfield, The English Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies.

For centuries the word English has been synonymous with pomp and ceremony and in a country steeped in centuries of tradition you would expect no less. There is an occupation, uniquely English, which no other country in the world has as a recognised profession and that is the English Toastmaster.

In his bright red coat, that flash of colour that gives his very presence a touch of class, theatre, style and pzazz, he presides over your event making sure that everything runs smoothly and better than expected. But make no mistake, today's modern Toastmaster is a Master-of-Ceremonies, events manager and co-ordinator, diplomat; calmer of nerves and stroker of dented egos, time-keeper and master of the safety pin. There are MC's but they do not have the knowledge and expertise in ettiquette & protocal of the trained English Toastmaster.

Imagine this, it's your wedding day and everything is in place for a fabulous day, but in the back of your mind you are worried that if anything goes wrong, who is going to fix it ? The solution lies in engaging the English Toastmaster who will relieve you of the stress of the on-the-day organization, enabling you to enjoy the most memorable day of your life and further more, you'll be pleased to know that the English Toastmaster is now available in Oklahoma and the whole of the USA.

Quote... "The American wedding market is about to get an extra touch of class.".... from Richard Palmer, Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association.

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Certifying Ronald Greenfield as a Member of ETA